Dissolving was my, 2nd year, final project for my Film/Cinema course at University. We were tasked with making an experimental film and after a few months of hard work, Dissolving came to life.
Inspired by Tibetan Buddhist philosophies & images and more specifically the book "The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep" I began to  convey what I felt when I read this book.
Beneath the Surface
Beneath the Surface was my first film. After being tasked with creating a documentary for my final year of school I decided to make it about what I love the most, music.
Late 2019 I managed to gain access to Goldlink's Amsterdam concert, I took this opportunity to document as much as I could and combined with an interview with a record label CEO I created my first picture. A eccentric, fast paced documentary on the music world in Amsterdam. 
Lucífugo was a collaborative project for my end of first year project for University with Enzo Meriade, Matilde Khmelik, Eva Pelúcia and I.
We were tasked with creating a documentary on a topic of our choosing and we decided to document the nightlife in Porto and exploring certain niche communities within the city.

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